In the year 2021 we made 731 International Changes on 45 trips across Europe traveling 345 495 km.
These are numbers that make us very proud, that's why we work daily: satisfying the needs of any client that asks us.
We believe that, after 25 years of activity, we will continue to be strong in the expansion of our business and our fleet.
Well there is to all the team that was part of this very hard work and that translated in the success that are at present the Transport Beleza in the European market of Removals.
20 anos de aniversário
Read these comments from customers for whom we have made international moves:

De: Gianni De Nicola
Date: domingo, 25/02/2024 à(s) 12:08
Subject: Re: Moving Carona - Mallorca
Renato and Luiz are still unloading but have nearly finished the job – but as usual – they are doing and they did also so the last time a really great job – congrats for their engagement!
This is also important for Pedro to know, congrats!
Thanks, ciao

Date: terça, 5/09/2023 à(s) 15:03 Subject: Re: Angebot Umzug Berlin > Leiria
Boa tarde,
thank you very much for the smooth collection yesterday.
Also, I would like to thank you for your transparent communication throughout the process and the organization. Nice doing business with you.
Have a good afternoon and best regards,
André Gröschl

Date: terça, 2/08/2022 à(s) 21:39
From: Lisbon - Portugal
To: Dusseldorf - Deutschland
Hello Luis,
That's really appreciated, and for sure I'll leave a nice review on Google, it was a real nice experience so again thanks to all the team for getting our valuables all this way hassle free.
Have a nice night
Best Regards
Eslam Tolba

From: Wortegem-Petegem, Belgian
To: Santiago do Cacém, Portugal
Date: sexta, 8/07/2022 à(s) 16:50
Gratitude and appreciation, for your service.
Also want to say that I found your guys friendly, respectful, polite, and hardworking. You can be proud of the job they did.
I would happily employ your service again and I shall be recommending it to others.

Date: sexta, 1/7/2022, 16:43
Transportes Luis Beleza: a very good and serious firm, very reliable. I two times used their services. The first time was for a removal of some boxes from a European country to another one. There were not many boxes, yet with very important sentimental content for me. I always will remember the winter morning with the staff, that took so much care of my things (and I am not very easy!).
Good brotherly atmosphere, and very serious delivery. Good memory. The second time, big removal within Europe. They collected furniture in different places, in order to bring them to an end-station. Great care at each stage.
At arrival, good atmosphere and very serious delivery again. After the delivery, I believed I had lost the key of a piece of furniture, one week later they came back home with all the packaging, they had not thrown away the packaging, we verificated everything.
The key was not found because they had done their work so properly that it was already in the furniture, I had not lost anything ! Yet it was the opportunity to test their seriousness, honesty and reliability: excellent. They wanted no money for the extra. They remained always polite and brotherly (and I am not easy...).
Next time I will work with them, I trust them. Many thanks to the management team as well as to the workers.
Alexis Farnenbach

Portugal to Deutchland
Date: domingo, 3/12/2021, 19:44
I'm not used to leave reviews. I used their services in last March 2021. When Portugal was still in state of emergency due to covid-19. I was at first kinda afraid because of the mixed reviews.
I must say I'm happy of the services provided by Beleza Transport. To move my stuff from Portugal to Germany. They were flexible, as I changed many times what I wanted to be taken care by them. The pick-up wrapping process was well done and my boxes arrived in good condition (of course they look like they ve been transported through Europe) and nothing got broken or lost.
One has to be a bit flexible for the day of arrival. The drivers called me in the morning for a delivery in the beginning of afternoon. But the tracking system can help you to evaluate which day the truck will arrive. Truck drivers were also nice. At the end of the day I'm quite satisfied and do recommend.
Benjamin Fauvel

Data: 9/03/2020 às 20:54
Mülheim an der Ruhr/ Köln nach Porto - Portugal
Thank you, it all worked out and I am very happy with Belezas service.
Your team and our communication are very professional. I'll happily recommend you and contact you for future services.
Milena Feldkamp do Carmo

sunday, 29/09/2019, 16:42
Good Day to you
Concerns Personal Belongings moved from Lisbon to Cannes/France delivered 28/09/2019
This email to express my utmos satisfaction for the services done by Beleza. All, from removal to delivery was perfect, done with professionalism and with most pleasant attitude.
Thank you
Daniel Roche

Date: 2018-07-10 15:44 GMT+01:00
Subject: Delivery of container for George Simon
Boa tarde, Senhor Beleza,
We hope you are doing well.
We want to sincerely thank you and your team for taking our container through Portugal customs and delivering it to our house so quickly. Senhor Pedro was very helpful and responded very quickly to our email messages. This made it possible for us to get the correct documents to you.
Senhor Porfirio and Senhor Felipe were a great team. They were courteous, and they were quite careful to not damage our boxes or the house as they unloaded the container for us. We very much appreciate their speed and careful handling.
You and your team made this much easier for us, and we are very happy with the service you provided. We will send a message to Blue Horizons Shipping in the US to tell them about your excellent work, and we will highly recommend that they continue to use your company.
Muito obrigado!
George and Jen Simon

Data: 8 de junho de 2018 às 09:56
Paris - France to Lagos, Algarve
Dear Luis and Pedro,
By this mail please be informed that i have only praise and a huge congratulations for you and all your team for a completely successful transport and delivery.
All items were very well packed and collected from my house in the Paris region and delivered in the same condition to my new home in Portugal.
It was carried out by experienced and very friendly personnel.
I will recommend your company to anyone and would never hesitate to use your company in the future
Once again a very big thank you to everyone.
Kind regards
Daniel Pierce

2 de dezembro de 2017 às 16:15
Origem – Lisboa - Portugal
Destino – Paris - France
Hello Luis,
I just wanted to know that I have collected my things and I was VERY satisfied with your service.
Everything was great and it was a real pleasure working with you and your team.
I will let you know in the futur if we need a storage.
Have a great day
Thank you for everything
Guillaume F

27 June 2017
Switzerland to Murches, Sintra - Portugal
I contacted Beleza transportes Ltda for three things:

1. Transport service for my old timer vehicle for in-Europe move.

2. Pick-up of furniture in-Europe move.

3. Team of people to help me unload and bring the items inside of my house from a previous transport that I used BEFORE I hired them to move my second set of furniture (since I was not happy with the first mover which was a Swiss company).
In all of the three points above has Mr. Luis Beleza (owner) exceeded my expectations.

1. Car Transport: He was approx. 1000 CHF cheaper with a MODERN and CLOSED truck than local Swiss transports. Insurance was also approx. 80% cheaper than with Swiss local transport companies. Furthermore, Swiss transport companies charge a lot of money to bring your car across the border to France, there they unload your vehicle again in a French transportation company, thus loading, unloading etc cars all the time increases the chances for scratches and damage. The Swiss companies wanted me to pay 1000+ CHF more for an OPEN TRUCK !!!!!

Mr. Beleza sent me an empty, huge modern truck, that was closed. A CMT document was also properly filled out. It took four days and the car was delivered to my house door in Portugal without even a scratch, documents etc were all present, no incident, nothing.

For car transports from Switzerland to Portugal, Beleza offers:
- The best price (courier and insurance)

- The best truck (closed modern transport)

- The best competent team (everyone involved was perfect).

2. Furniture transport. Same situation. Furniture was picked up, properly packed, loaded correctly in the truck and arrived without any incidents just a few days later. All went smooth and perfect, nothing else really to discuss. He is also cheaper than other Swiss companies, and offers much more personalized service. My emails were answered within minutes, my phone calls were returned, even long-distance calls, no issues.

3. From my previous transport (that I hired days before I found out about Beleza transport company), I still needed people to unload my goods. Mr. Beleza sent me a team of 3 guys that came in a truck. The chief unloaded even did several seminars in Feng-Shui art of setting up furniture at home, and not even one scratch on the newly painted walls, nothing. Absolutely great service. They arrived 15 minutes early as well in my house. I have no idea about the previous negative reviews from other people. All I know is that I suffered no issues whatsoever. It is important to note however, that Portugal works different than central European countries. In case there were misunderstandings from previous reviewers, all I can recommend is always triple check all and do follow ups. The sooner your move date comes, the more follow ups you do. Do follow ups and clear any misunderstandings and you are fine.

About having to pay more money for my things to be liberated, I experienced NOTHING such. I can highly recommend this. To any future potential Swiss client of Beleza, do NOT use Swiss transports. The Swiss charge you much more, for an open truck, and unload your car anyway again in France to a much cheaper car company.

Also, for furniture move, I do also not recommend contracting Swiss labor, that send you foreigners anyway to do everything for absurd fees per hour and very slow work. Sure, Swiss companies work good, but at a heavy price due to the slow paste.

Beleza work much faster and efficient and the price is set at a fixed quote all the time, no surprises, nothing. I will use them 100% again in the future!
Giani Philipp

2017-03-21 11:52 GMT+00:00
Perpignan - France to Cascais - Portugal
Good morning Senhor Beleza,
The delivery has been done. They have been helpful, perfect.
Good service Senhor Beleza, I will recommande you to the French groups.
Thank you again,
Madame Liliane Metenier

Data: 3 de março de 2016 às 09:54
DESTINO: Lagos - Portugal
ORIGEM: Nice - France
I wish to inform you that the first step of the deplacement was perfectly made by the team JOSÈ / NILSON.
I hope they will manage also the delivery to Praia da Luz.
I will arrive on saturday nigth and I will really appreciate if you could deliver on Sunday.
Obrigado for the good service
Marco Montic

Data: 2016-02-22 13:30 GMT+00:00
DESTINO: Lisbon - Portugal
ORIGEM: Paris - France
Dear Beleza and company,
Sorry for the delay but we have been traveling. We can confirm that our things were loaded on Saturday, we are very happy with the way things went and how professional they were taking care of our belongings. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for everything
lara San and Alex Jenkins

Data:2016-01-29 13:05 GMT+00:00
DESTINO: Vila Nova Cerveira - Portugal
ORIGEM: Nederland
Bom dia Luís,
I would like to compliment Daniel and Paulo for the excellent work that they did in packing everything very carefully. They are very good representatives for your company. I would also like to compliment you on your English and one day I hope that my Portuguese will be so good. Many thanks for the service so far.
Kind regards,

Data: 2016-01-28 11:46 GMT+00:00
Obrigado pelo ótimo serviço.
Transportes Beleza foi excelente.
Your collections and delivery team members were all very pleasant, professional, and helpful.
Todos os nossos bens chegaram em Lisboa em boas condições: obrigado.
We would be happy to provide a reference or recommendation should any of your potential customers desire one, especially in English language.
Melhores cumprimentos,
Mike and Laura Eberhart

Date: 22 de dezembro de 2015 às 11:47
We are very satisfied with the work they did.
We are happy to recommend your company to others.
Your staff work hard and professional.
When we move back to the South of Sweden in approximately 18 months time we will want you to do the move, it will be a lot less furniture and a Mercedes A Class car.
Best Regards
Berndt T. Berggren

Date: 26 de novembro de 2015 às 18:22
Origine: Albufeira - Portugal
Destination: Monaco
Good afternoon Mr. Beleza,
This is to tell you how pleased I am with your services.
Everything has been delivered as planned, your drivers are excellent and very kind, nothing is missing (so far), nothing is broken.
We took your men for lunch, and now they are on their way to Italy/Switzerland.
And I am unpacking.
Thank you so much, and I shall recommend your company to many friends.
kind regards,
Mrs. E. Shaffer

Data: 15 de outubro de 2015 às 18:15
From England to Lisbon - Portugal
We have moved our household from England to Lisbon in August 2015 using Transportes Beleza Lda.
Prior to deciding for Beleza a cost comparison with other movers showed the competitiveness of the Portuguese company. The price and quality was outstanding:
1. Timely arrival
2. New equipment
3. Professional and friendly personnel
4. Best packaging technique ever seen
Transportes Beleza offers its clients to track the lorry dedicated to its removal and kept us updated during the whole process.
The household was delivered as schedule at our full satisfaction. For our next move we will consider again Transportes Beleza.
Andreas Nigulis

Data: 12 de Janeiro de 2014 às 23:52
LOCAL DESTINO: Lisboa - Portugal
LOCAL ORIGEM: Bern – Suíça
Dear Mr. Luis:
Thank you for the excellent service and helping us to move from Portugal to Switzerland! Your crew was great, especially Jose as the team leader!
All work was done perfectly; I can recommend your business to everybody how intends to move his household.
Thank you very much again!
With kind regards,
Rolf & Elizabeth Hartleb

LOCAL ORIGEM: Portugal -Lisboa
Date: 2013/12/5
Subject: Services to Switzerland and return from France to Lisbon
Dear Luís.
By post received the CMR's for the service to Switzerland and a return shipment from França to Lisbon, Portugal.
Thank you for the good and complete services what are done in an acceptable short time with and with very good quality.
From both clients we received a good reaction and both were very satisfied.
Also no damage was reported.
We hope to continue with these good results into the future.
Jeroen Terrahe / OrangeCargo Lda.

De: Melvin GODDARD
Data: 2013/5/5
Assunto: Re: Alvor in Portugal to Taradeau in France
Dear Mr Beleza
I am writing to thank you for the excellent service that your company gave with regard to the collection and delivery of my classic car from Alvor in Portugal to Taradeau in France.
Your responses to my emails and telephone calls were extremely quick and professional. I only wish that I could speak Portuguese as goodl as you and your employees can speak English.
On the day of delivery the telephone sevice provided by the ladies at your company was very helpful in making sure that I knew where the transporter was and how long it would be before it arrived with my car at the drop-off location that I provided to you.
Once again many thanks and please pass on my gratitude to all at your company, including the driver of the transporter Manuel Lopez, for their first rate assistance.
Kindest regards.

De: Massimo Acanfora
Data: 8 de Novembro de 2011 10:26
Assunto: Re: Arrival in London
Hi Luis,
Just a quick thank you for having delivered everything in great conditions by a very diligent and friendly team. I will keep you in mind for my next move and refer you to friends if someone needs your services.
Massimo Acanfora

Origem: Madeira, Portugal
Destino: Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Data: 2011/8/18
I am very happy to report that our container was delivered to our house yesterday and we are very pleased with the way you handled this difficult move.
The boat was delayed by four days due to storms in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia with waves of over 7m high! We expected problems anyway as this on the other side of the planet and the voyage lasted six weeks.
So a big "muito obrigado" to you and your team for a very professsional job and we shall not hesitate to reccomend your Company to any potential customers.
Cyril and Judith Aberdein
Removal from Malmo Sweden to Estoril Portugal may 19th 2011 08:00
We want to praise and recommend ”Transportes Beleza Unipessoal Lda” and give our thanks to Sr Luis Beleza for his serious, considerate way and punctuality when taking care of our removal from Sweden to Portugal.
We also want to thank Paulo and Valentino, the professionals who took care of the packing and transport.
We want to express our gratitude to the whole team on this site.
Gleide& Jörgen Bergvall

Change Serra da Luz Ramada

Good evening.
I am here to acknowledge the commitment shown by your employees.
Just one word: IMPECCABLE.
I do not know how other removal services are, but there is no reason for concern when it comes to Transportes Beleza.
A Merry Christmas and many, many good years.
Family Santos

Change of Portugal to Luxembourg
Good morning,
I am writing this e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the quality of service provided. I can boast of having had a well-organized and efficient company to take care of my removal needs. The staff was polite to work with.
Isabel Ritto
Court of Justice of the European Union
Directorate General for Translation

Removal from Oeiras to Roma
Hello Mister Luís Beleza,
Good morning!

I would just like to thank you and your team that was there to make our move on 10 August.
I was impressed with the care, attention and behavior of your three employees.
They were excellent in everything. In my opinion, you are a far better company than Galama.
I have spoken of you to many about how you continue to offer quality service and excellence.
Christiana Sangiorgi

Removal Stavenger Noruega - Carcavelos 
Good morning,

We are very pleased with the work of your employees and Jaime ... You people are luxury! Finequality workers.
José Rodrigues

Dear Mr. Luis Beleza
I hereby thank you for your excellent service on our move from France to here!
Not only were you punctual and professional, but also the employees and André were impeccable, polite and helpful with all our goods.
Communication in Dutch / French and Portuguese went flawlessly and without any problems.
We will recommend your company to all and leave your cards at the Consulate so that future customers have the pleasure to enjoy your services!
Annelies Reugebrink
Honorary Consul of the Netherlands
"Removals Beja Buenos Aires"
Everything went very well. All things arrived impeccably, because you had packed my goods and stored everything so well.
Greetings to you and your staff that carried out my husband and my removal. Beatriz.

Dear Mr. Luis Beleza,
Two lines just to say thanks for the professional service of my removal from Caparica to Ourense.
The work was done impeccably, professionally and very rigorously. Congratulations to all the staff who worked on the removal. We were impressed even after having had four previous removal experiences.
We were delighted with the service and thus can spread the word among our friends and colleagues for their removals abroad.
A big hug from Ourense,
Carlos Lodeiro Espino, Ph.D. Ms.C. MRSC.
IPP Researcher
Physical Chemistry Departament, Faculty of Science
BIOSCOPE Research Team.
Proteomics and Analytical Division / Chemosensors and Smart materials Division
OURENSE Campus, University of Vigo, Ourense, GALIZA, SPAIN

Good afternoon Mr.Beleza
Everything was to my satisfaction and I want to thank you for the work. If I may, I would like to express my admiration for the quality of service and the quality of your employees.
The ladies who took care of my removal demonstrated a professional pride, a quality of service, a kindness and attention to every detail that is rare to see today.
I had no knowledge of your company but with employees such as yours you are certain to be successful.
I will spread the word of the quality of your service in my Unit at the Air Force.
Thank you and please pass on my thanks to your employees.
Vitor Caria
Colonel / Portuguese Air Force
Commander of Campo de Tiro de Alcochete<

Dear Mr. Beleza
Had thought to send you an e-mail earlier, but confess that the tasks related to organizing the home, school for the children, etc... had occupied my time.
I would like to thank the whole team and also you, for all the availability and efficiency you have shown in all the stages of the removal.
The two employees sent to Stockholm completed the service very well, with great care in packaging and accuracy. Further, they were very friendly with my family.
Your business is to be congratulated and best wishes for the future and a good year in 2009
Pedro Macedo Leão

Good Night Mr. Beleza
I would like to inform you that your colleagues who did the loading in S. João do Estoril and the ones who unloaded in Madrid, are great professionals and they represent your company very well. I will remain your customer and I will recommend your company to all my friends who need transport services.

Ana M

Dear Mr. Beleza
I would, first of all, like to thank you for an impeccable service - the gentlemen who went to Barcelona were professionals and were very helpful in packing boxes and loading the furniture. They were extremely friendly, and always well-prepared, which is not easy after so many days on the road. If I should again require the services of a transport company I will undoubtedly go to Transportes Beleza and will recommend your company whenever possible.
Sara C

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