Travel incidents causing delays

Due to the fact that we are a company totally dedicated to removals and that we have a regular groupage service throughout Europe, we sometimes experience delays beyond our control.

When we collect / deliver to any country in Europe, unexpected delays may occur due to:

- circulation complications

- works on the route

- international regulation of working hours for driving and rest (drivers are required to take a 24 hour weekly rest the first week of travel, 45 hours the second and 72 hours the third if they are still there without returning to the based).

- if we reach a customer to make the change and we have information that the volume is, for example, 10 m3, we count x hours for the charge, but after our arrival if we find that the client actually has a lot more because they changed their mind at the last minute, so instead of taking the 4 hours planned, we can take 10 hours, which will delay the whole route. .

When you hire an international company like Transportes Beleza, the aforementioned probabilities of the day of arrival to perform the service are very high.

Of course, we always talk more every day, because our departures are every two weeks on Mondays, always throughout the year.

We have the advantage of having a type of service which, in terms of price / quality and collection and delivery times, is unique in the market!

To avoid stress and anxiety we send an email with all the information on the trip and the identification of the drivers with photos and phone contacts, with a link to access the Cartrack platform and track the truck online, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the respective routes and stops the truck is making.

This same e-mail also contains all the information about the trip, photo identification of the drivers, the truck and phone contacts.

With all the information we give you, you will feel comfortable and calm about the quality of the service provided.


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