Documentation for non-EU removals

International removals are the foundation of our business. Departures are every two weeks, on Mondays, and our are quite complete for Europe.

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Required documentation for International removals:
There’s no need for any special documentation for removals within Europe, except for Switzerland.
Consideration should be taken regarding whether it is possible to get to the destination with a truck and/or if it is necessary to ask the Police for authorization. Attention also should be taken as to whether any building restrictions apply for removals made by the stairs (only outdoor lift) as is a very common situation in Benelux and Germany.
For International removals in Switzerland, parts of Eastern Europe, and outside Europe where the starting point is in Portugal, the following is necessary:
Passport Copy;
TIN (Contributors number);
Flight reservation or ticket copy;
CPF Copy (Brazilians Contributors number);
Residence permit;

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Other documentation

A properly signed list describing the contents of the boxes and all other goods, including the full name, full address in Portugal and full destination address, total value of goods, approximate weight (a hundred grams difference is not important).

With this list, you must go to your local Parish Council and request a removals certificate which will then need to be recognized at the consulate in the country of the final destination.

Copy of any official document from the destination country;
In case you’re returning to Portugal all above is necessary and, at the Portuguese Consulate, you must ask for a luggage certificate; tariffs will apply without it.

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Our vehicles are equipped with removable closed containers which offer a high degree of security in the transport and protection of your goods.

We work daily in order to always be able to satisfy customer requests in the best and fastest way possible.

Our vehicles are of the latest generation with low particle emissions.

With this operation, the company strengthens its commitment to vehicles equipped with engines meeting all the requirements of the Euro V and VI standard, a community directive on greenhouse gas emissions.


These engines reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 60% and particulate emissions by 80%, thanks to greater efficiency of the combustion system .

With these new vehicles, in 2011, 98% of the Transportes Beleza fleet met the requirements of this standard, compared to 70% in 2010.

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