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How to pack your personal goods

Your personal goods can be in risk of damage if you use the wrong people to transport them. The articles can accidentally fall to the ground, the trucks may be involved in accidents, the containers may experience the results of heavy storms in sea voyages, the roads can contain pot-holes where least expected, excessive heat in the containers may be harmful etc. Transportes Beleza uses the best available materials, the most durable boxes, and moreover, highly qualified personnel who are exclusively dedicated to national and international removals.

The packing material consists of the following:

-Durable cardboard boxes of different sizes for various types of items such as china, books, clothes, and picture frames;

- Cardboard wardrobes for suits and dresses;
- Specially designed cardboard boxes for chandeliers;
- Tissue paper for fragile porcelains and very delicate articles;
- Reels of bubble padding to protect the surface of the furniture;
- Bubble wrap;
- Double cardboard corners to protect the corners of the furniture;
- Rolls of PVC duct tape properly treated to withstand various types of weather;

Tips for packing:

Choose the right packing material.

Cardboard boxes: Always use two-ply cardboard. Most stores sell single-ply cardboard (which is cheaper) but the contents are generally not well protected because the cardboard will buckle easily under the strain of weight.

Bubble wrap: Ideal for small, more fragile objects, pictures, etc.

Grooved cardboard, ideal for furniture.

Here are some tips on how to pack:


Wrap the items individually. For more fragile items, wrap twice;



Always line the bottom of boxes with cardboard, polystyrene balls, or perhaps some magazines;



Fill the empty spaces with crumpled paper so that the items do not move;



Pack the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter more fragile ones on top;



Do not put too much weight in the boxes as it then may not be possible to load them. Make sure the boxes are well-sealed;



Remove the door knobs/keys and drawers from cabinets and put them in a box with screws, furniture feet, etc. in order not to lose them;



Do not pack items sensitive to heat such as candles, vinyl records, audio and video cassettes, computer diskettes, CDs, etc. It is preferable to take them with you;



Use labels and make lists;



Pack items of various sizes separately;



Paste a label on each box (on top and side), indicating which room in the house the contents belong in;



Put "fragile" labels on boxes containing fragile items or those with some sentimental value;



Make a detailed list of items that each box contains. This will make unpacking much easier in your new house;



Valuable objects, jewelry, furs, money, collectable items or legal documents are not usually transported by removal companies. Take them with you or use a security company;



Plants. Decide whether to take all or only those plants that you like most. Make sure they are transported under good conditions; that they will not stay too long in one place or somewhere too hot/cold and with insufficient light;



Explosive and corrosive product should not be transported. Use them, give them to someone or throw them out;



Appliances that do not fit or are not well-suited for your new home would be better to sell or give away. For those which you decide to take, our staff will disconnect and reconnect them as long as it does not involve making holes in the furniture or the walls.


However, if you prefer the convenience of us doing the packing for you, we are at your service.


Get to know some of the professionals who make the removal services you hire us are exemplary:

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We invest in improving our service so that you are satisfied with our qualification and professionalism.

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Testimonials from those who already know us

"We have moved our household from England to Lisbon in August 2015 using Transportes Beleza Lda.
Prior to deciding for Beleza a cost comparison with other movers showed the competitiveness of the Portuguese company.
The price and quality was outstanding:
1. Timely arrival
2. New equipment
3. Professional and friendly personnel
4. Best packaging technique ever seen
Transportes Beleza offers its clients to track the lorry dedicated to its removal and kept us updated during the whole process.
The household was delivered as schedule at our full satisfaction. For our next move we will consider again Transportes Beleza."

Andreas Nigulis

"We want to praise and recommend “Transportes Beleza Unipessoal Lda” and give our thanks to Sr Luis Beleza for his serious, considerate way and punctuality when taking care of our removal from Sweden to Portugal.
We also want to thank Paulo and Valentino, the professionals who took care of the packing and transport.
We want to express our gratitude to the whole team on this site."

Gleide& Jörgen Bergvall

"I hereby thank you for your excellent service on our move from France to here!
Not only were you punctual and professional, but also the employees and André were impeccable, polite and helpful with all our goods.
Communication in Dutch / French and Portuguese went flawlessly and without any problems.
We will recommend your company to all and leave your cards at the Consulate so that future customers have the pleasure to enjoy your services!

Annelies Reugebrink

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