How to pack your personal goods

Your personal goods can be in risk of damage if you use the wrong people to transport them. The articles can accidentally fall to the ground, the trucks may be involved in accidents, the containers may experience the results of heavy storms in sea voyages, the roads can contain pot-holes where least expected, excessive heat in the containers may be harmful etc. Transportes Beleza uses the best available materials, the most durable boxes, and moreover, highly qualified personnel who are exclusively dedicated to national and international removals

The packing material consists of the following:

- Durable cardboard boxes of different sizes for various types of items such as china, books, clothes, and picture frames;

- Cardboard wardrobes for suits and dresses;
- Specially designed cardboard boxes for chandeliers;
- Tissue paper for fragile porcelains and very delicate articles;
- Reels of bubble padding to protect the surface of the furniture;
- Bubble wrap;
- Double cardboard corners to protect the corners of the furniture;
- Rolls of PVC duct tape properly treated to withstand various types of weather;

Tips for packing:

Choisissez du bon matériel d’emballage.

Cardboard boxes: always use double corrugated cardboard. The most sold in stores is the simple box (the cheapest) but the contents of boxes will not be protected enough, because with the weight the deformation occurs quickly.

Air bubble plastic, ideal for more trinkets fragile, paintings, etc.

Fluted cardboard, ideal for all your furniture.

Individually wrap your items. Make a double packaging for the most fragile.

Line the bottom of the cardboard boxes with styrofoam, old magazines or pieces of cardboard.

Fill empty spaces with crumpled paper so that the content does not suffer with shocks.

Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the boxes and over the lightest and most fragile.

Do not overload the boxes, to facilitate the loading. Check that the boxes are correct closed.

Remove the cuffs from the drawers and doors of the furniture and put them in a separate box with screws and small parts, to find them more easily upon arrival.

Transport sensitive objects yourself. heat like candles, vinyl records, video and audio cassettes, floppy disks, CDs, etc.

Label your packaging and prepare lists with the contents of your boxes.

Pack separately from the different parts of the House.

Stick a label on each box (above and on one side), and mark the room in the house which owns the content.

Mark the boxes where you put the items fragile and sentimental valuables with the word FRAGILE.

Make a complete list of the contents of each box, this will make it easier for you to store items on arrival.

Valuables, jewelry, furs, coins, collectibles and documents, usually not taken by transport companies. Carry them yourselves or ask a valuables transport company.

Green plants: decide if you take them all or only your favorites. Provide transport in good light and heat conditions for that they hold.

Explosive and corrosive products: not recommended to transport this type of product. Finish your packaging, give them to loved ones or throw them away simply.

Household appliances: if your household appliances do not are not suited to your needs in your new address, it is better to sell or sell them offer before the move. Our staff will will help put the devices you take with you as soon as it doesn't involve making holes in furniture or walls.

For your convenience, we also offer you the possibility of taking care of everything and of us take care of all these tasks.

Where to find packaging material

We have the following items:

• Double corrugated cardboard boxes with the dimensions of 0.40 x0.40 x 0.50

• Hanging boxes.

• Corrugated cardboard.

• Plastic with air bubbles.

• Adhesive tape.

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