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International Removals UK to Portugal

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25 years' experience

Professionalism in removing

The international moving carrier Transportes Beleza always works with the idea that only the maintenance of the tasks provided with the high level to which we have become accustomed in the local market, allows us to continue to be professionals of international changes in the quality of transport and removals to Portugal and in the European area.

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bandeiras de Transportes Internacionais

National / International Relocation

Changes throughout removals to Portugal and weekly connection to Europe by road.

Prepare and pack

The option is yours, but we can take everything apart of your international relocation to Portugal, set everything up and transport it safely when moving to Portugal.

Unpacking and Reassemble

In door to door destination delivery, we reassemble your furniture items and personal belongings, helping you to unpack the shipping boxes in other countries.

Storage box

Temporarily storage facilities what you want, with the monthly payment of a personal box in Portugal removal services

How customers of United Kingdom are satisfied with the international removal carrier

We are overwhelmed when we feel that our customers share their satisfaction with us, when they feel that we have successfully accomplished the task of international furniture transport and changes in the various pieces of furniture that have been awarded. But that only leads to seeking to improve even more with each passing day. Our mission is to make your international removal transport a pleasant task without surprises!

Documentation: confidence in safety

We are aware that it takes quality work to be a benchmark company in the service of Removals UK to Portugal and in Europe. Sharing the happiness of our customers, when they are satisfied with the mission they have given us, transporting their furniture, is our satisfaction. This takes us on a quest to improve our services every day. Our mission is to make your Removals UK to Portugal moving transport tasks pleasant and without surprises!

Customers talk about us

Learn more about what we offer and develop your transport with the professionalism recognized by those who have already chosen us. See how we prepare your goods before moving in and then read the testimonials of customers who have already given us the pleasure of being able to serve them to their satisfaction. "Quality is what we can offer!"

International furniture removal company

For 22 years between Lisbon removal companies and the entire European space and maritime dock in the rest of the world, Transportes Beleza has a large team of professionals able to perform their national and international removals functions with a high level of quality. Pick the person who performs the entire job of any home, whether it's residential, office, or commercial.

Packaging advice on international removals carriers

Safe and professional transport, in Portugal or abroad, where the distances to be covered are greater, begin with the correct assembly and packaging, with the preservation in good condition of the transported materials. Before being placed in a transport vehicle to the chosen destination, know how to pack everything, if you prefer that our professionals only take care of the changes.

Weightlessness and safety

Travel incidents that cause delays sometimes arise in the face of general teasing. Being totally dedicated to move to Portugal companies, the only one in the country to regularly offer Portugal Removals Carrier groupage services across Europe, we also experience delays independent of our will, motivated by roads cut by accident or bad weather, border congestion, etc ...

Road fleet Carriers Portugal

So that everything goes positively in your service changes, we have chosen an updated fleet, prepared for long journeys in the most demanding respect of international standards of low level of pollution and noise of carriers Portugal .

edifício sede empresas de mudanças de transporte internacional

Storage boxes

For your comfort, we provide a building with storage space and secure storage of goods, for temporary rental of space in a "box" accessible every day of the year.

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escritório da transportadora de mudanças internacionais


The service activity that we develop with all the dedication, is safeguarded by the legality which is recognized to us by Alvará nº 653600 issued by Inst. Mobilidade e Transportes Terrestres de Portugal.

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This website has a powerful online tool capable of immediately providing you with a quote for international changes service, such as changes in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve and finding the complete solutions at the best price, safety and professional business conditions. Based on service information from more than 10 million addresses with postal codes, a large number of orders are already immediately available at prices charged according to the distance and capacity required for transport. You just need to send data to transport and contact, then you will receive a business shipment of all the crucial information.

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Customer feedback on the job

Many of those we serve are happy when they can tell others what they think about service transportation business: read here.

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