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25 years' experience

Professionalism in removing

The international moving carrier Transportes Beleza always works with the idea that only the maintenance of the tasks provided with the high level to which we have become accustomed in the local market, allows us to continue to be professionals of international changes in the quality of transport and removals to Portugal and in the European area.

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Independent Professional Recognition

Whatever your size problem or difficulty in transporting your move internationally, call a moving company and this process will give you peace of mind when moving


Transportes Beleza Unipessoal Lda Contributor nº: 504139533 Share Capital: 500,000 Euros Permit nº 653600 for national and international transport CRC da Amadora nº. 10823/1998


We have our own facilities with 2400 m2 in the Lisbon area, with the best hygiene and safety conditions. Our alarm and video surveillance system guarantees the protection of our customers' assets. Furthermore, we have a wide range for our fleet and to facilitate access to customers PT / Lisbon: 2600 m2 FR / Paris: 200 m2 NL / Breda: 100 m2


What We Do

carregar caixas em mudanças Lisboa


Local moving service
Moving service across the country including Azores and Madeira
Weekly Groupage moving service for the South and North of the country
Express shipping services


Moving service for private homes and business premises throughout Europe, with personal fleet and own fleet
Express service
Regular weekly groupage service with routes throughout Europe

transportar caixas em carrinho
arrumar carga em camião


Complete or partial moving services
Loading and unloading assistance service
Container collection, deconsolidation and delivery service

STORAGE: Box storage

Around 2,400m2 dedicated to the safe storage of your belongings and furniture
Alarm and video surveillance 24 hours a day
Individual boxes
Low cost shared space storage
Pallet storage

boxes para carga

Tasks In Detail

Moving company Portugal

We know that the work of a mover transporting furniture in a Moving Transport Company is naturally capable of creating some apprehension where there is a need to use it in your move: international transport requires often long journeys, valuable items whose packaging seems complicated, transporters that it is urgent to discover throughout the country, in short, particular and personal selection options that present themselves and which, if poorly considered, could give unpleasant results.

The Transport Company And Its Customers

Find out in detail what we offer you in all types of moves, carry out your private moving transport with the rigor and demand of our team, which is recognized by those who have already chosen us to make moves. See how we prepare your personal belongings before moving and then read testimonials from users who have already given us the pleasure of being able to serve them satisfactorily with moving services. "Quality is what we can offer!"

International Furniture Transport Company

For 25 years among moving companies in Portugal and throughout Europe and sea docks in the rest of the world, Transportes Beleza has a vast team capable of carrying out its national and international moving functions at a high level of quality. Choose carefully when ordering moving services and the complete task of any house moves, whether residential, office or commercial, even if you just want a warehouse for a temporary area.

Packaging Advice For International Carriers

Safe and reliable transport by moving companies, nationally or abroad where there are long distances to travel, begins with the correct assembly and packaging, keeping the transported material in good condition. Before being placed in a transport vehicle to the chosen destination, find out what must be packed in its entirety, if you prefer that our employees only take care of the changes.

Incidents And Safety In The Moving Carrier

Incidents on the route that lead to moving companies failing to meet schedules are unexpected. Being dedicated as a company for European international moves , we operate with regular specialized groupage services from International Transport Companies of moving services Lisbon with safe transport, we may suffer delays beyond our control, caused by roads being closed due to accidents or bad weather, congestion in borders, etc...

National Transporters Road Fleet

To ensure that your moves go smoothly with a carrier, we choose up-to-date vehicles, prepared for long journeys in strict compliance with international moving standards, offering a complete service with a low level of pollution and noise, moving services with carriers in Portugal.


Experience: Professionalism In House Moving

With Transportes Beleza, you can count on reliable and punctual services. We understand the importance of timely deliveries and strive to exceed customer expectations. We have weekly routes throughout Europe including Switzerland and the United Kingdom, dealing extensively over the years with various public organization clients.

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