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Choosing a quality removals company is a decision for you to take alone. However, when the time comes, only take the decision after making sure you are aware of the possible warnings signs when analyzing potential removal companies.

With that in mind, our intention is to shed some light on what options are out there from an insider’s point of view. We would like to clarify misconceptions and to expose the truth about what is actually being offered to the general public. Our focus is mainly on companies that are offering exceedingly low prices (advertising 15€, 20€ or 30€ per hour). We will give you our response to some frequently asked questions.

25 years' experience

Generally speaking, former customers and employees of companies offering these ‘amazing’ prices verify that the advertised prices are impossible to practice by companies that offer a professional, qualitybased service. By accepting such prices, one must also accept the following probable consequences:

- A lack of compliance to scheduled deadlines;

- Missed scheduled appointments, followed by an inability to contact the company. Phones are turned off or simply not answered;

- Original arrangements, for example, include three men, but, in reality, only two show up that are well-versed in saying “he is coming”, “he is lost”, “he can't find the place”, etc. when referring to their missing colleague. Even if the company ultimately charges for only two men, they have already clearly jeopardized the service;

- Temporary staff that is unqualified, inexperienced…that is here today and gone tomorrow. Most likely these employees are working off the books (i.e. not legally employed) and without any professional credibility;

- Companies that lack legal licensing;

- Lack of insurance for the staff and for your belongings;

- Lack of adequate protection for your material goods. It's simply not enough to have some old blankets or a few sponges and rags in the car to properly pack your belongings in the twenty-first century;

- Lack of overall responsibility in providing the service. At such low prices, any incident that occurs will not necessarily be guaranteed in terms of compensation. Further, the company would charge for the service regardless of the incident;

- Offering a removals service does not mean just buying a new or old truck and begin loading it up;

- The great ‘advantage’ of low hourly prices wanes quickly when you experience a situation in which everything becomes a nightmare;

What is a company with “Alvará”?

An “Alvará” is an operating license/permit issued by the Institute for Mobility and Land Transport (formerly known as the General Directorate of Land Transport).
On August 16th 2007, rules and regulations regarding the issuing of this license were introduced

To receive this license, companies must meet the following requirements:

- Idoneity – ensuring that the company's manager/owner does not participate in illegal behavior in the running of his/her business.

- Professional Ability - stating that the manager had to attend a training course in transportation services and has been qualified.

- Financial Ability – states that the company has a minimum equity capital of 125.000,00 Euros.

- Complies with all fiscal obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

- I'm looking into the possibility of using a rent-a-car service and the help of some friends to assist me in my move. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Although, at a first glance it appears to be the cheaper option, that's not always the case. Further, the financial difference does not always compensate for the time and effort that you spend.
- Managing the removal schedule;
- Being in full control of your goods;

- Enjoying day spent in the presence of your family and friends;
- Lowering your moving cost (cost= only financial costs) at least at the onset;


- The physical effort and weariness of moving furniture;
- In exchange for your friends’ and family’s help, you commit yourself to help them move home. Consider whether their house(s) is/are bigger and more difficult to access. Evaluate the potential effort you will have to make;
- You may need to pay for their meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner);
- The risk of injury is much higher as they are not professionals;
- You will spend time and money collecting and delivering the rented vehicle as well as paying for fuel and insurance. Furthermore, you would have to pay the deductible if an accident were to occur.
- Packing the goods properly in the vehicle is complicated. With each curve, acceleration and/or sudden use of the brakes, comes a moment of risk. Beyond the protection of your belongings, you must also be very vigilant in your care of the rented vehicle as insurance deductibles tend to be high;
- Rent-a-car services do not normally provide blankets and straps to tie the loads;
- If everything does not fit in one load, you will have to make additional loads which will result in higher travelling expenses.
There are some companies advertising both removal and distribution services. What should we think about these?
Distribution services usually involve the delivery of various packages/goods from different customers to different destination. These companies do not use assistants (i.e. employees to pack, load, and unload) to aid the driver when distributing. Therefore, when offering removal service, these companies often hire temporary staff.
Which is the risk of using temporary staff?
The biggest risk is that temporary workers do not have an established relationship with the company. Therefore, their main interest is just to work a few hours and receive the money at the end of the job. The commitment is usually not satisfactory and the risk of injury and theft is high.
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