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INDIVIDUALS - Do you have full storage? Where to put my things in Lisbon?

Do you have full storage? Do not know where else to put your things?

Are you going to need that room occupied by so many boxes?

Can not you just move around in your office any time?

Self Storage Boxes Lisbon of Transportes Beleza will certainly be able to help, as they put at your disposal a huge rental warehouse where you only pay for the space you occupy. See it as an extension to your current storage / garage where you can keep all your belongings.

It will be like your space, a private and safe space.

If you are not sure of the area you need, just visit us or call us to help you calculate the space for you.

Avoid headaches - if you are doing work or making changes, do it calmly and without haste. Leave your furniture in a warehouse while you are busy painting or until you find or buy your new home.

In our spaces you can store almost everything; furniture, bicycles, books, camping and holiday supplies, etc.

COMPANIES - Your Self Storage Boxes Lisbon

Do you have excess furniture, stock or other equipment? Do not have space in your office to store archive, material and the like?

Then it will be in the warehouses of Transportes Beleza that you will find the solution for this. If today you need a smaller space and hence for a few months a larger, you can always increase your storage space. The same applies to the reverse situation. Today needs an area of 20m2 and the following month already only one of 10m2? The space adjustment is done quickly and without any problems. Stop stumbling in boxes, cables, appliances and gain more space in your office! Come to know our facilities and rent a temporary space in the name of your company.

Tell us what you need and call us or send us a quote request by clicking here

If you are looking for self storage or garda furniture, you need to store everything or store objects, we have own storage, we have warehouses for rent small, medium and large for rent, we also have furniture storage, furniture storage, furniture box, temporary rental, box for storing things and we are moving carrier carrier. among others we have 3000 m2 to rent self storage, to rent space to store things, warehouse for changes, box to rent storage of furniture, container mobile storage, individual box, private box.

We have a service of collection of goods / changes with service of packing, cargo, transport, unloading in warehouse and being the case we then make the cargo in warehouse and delivery in the client's house with assembly of all furniture.

If you are looking for a temporary space to place your property in the area of Lisbon and its surroundings, do not hesitate to consult us.

Fill out our online form to better know the cubicagem of your goods, which requires space and then obtain the budget for your request.

We have security guards with values from 50 € + VAT per month.

Individual pitches from 25 m3 to 300 m3

Storage in low cost shared space.

Good conditions with ideal environment to guard furniture.

Fire detection system.

Fire-fighting systems with own pumps.

anti theft.

Video surveillance.

Very good access.

Private parking.

Exhibition and supply of all kind of packing material you need for your change.

Hours of access from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm.

On Saturdays from 8 am to 13h.


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