Moving Carrier FAQ

What are your conditions for carrying out moving transport?

- Please consult this link

Do they just make changes?

- Yes, we only carry out the moving service with our own specialized personnel. We do not mix goods with goods.

I have half a dozen goods to move here in the area, do you do that too?
- Yes, we change anything with appropriate values.

In the groupage service, what is the frequency and delivery time?
- If the goods are collected on a Monday or Tuesday, delivery will be on a Wednesday or Thursday. If collection is from Wednesday onwards, delivery may be the following week, if there is no availability earlier.

Are international moves made using your own vehicles?
- In 90% of cases they are. Sometimes we have destinations where the quantity justifies another transport option we take, but always with the same quality.
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Suitcases and furniture storage

I'm looking for a carrier to take just two suitcases to a European country, do they do the job?
- Yes, we take any quantity, our minimum charge is for a volume of 2 m3. I need an international move but I can't take my belongings with me yet, because I'm still looking for a house. Do you have a solution for my moving problem?
- We have our own facilities with all the conditions to place your moving materials safely, until you can resolve the housing problem and start paying only the day after they enter the warehouse.
I only have one car/motorcycle to transport, do you also do this type of transport?
- Yes, we have all the necessary means to carry out this transport, from or to any point in Europe.

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What type of insurance do you have available to the customer?

- We have an annual CMR policy that covers assets in the event of a truck accident up to a value of €125,000, with compensation up to €10 per kilo.
How much will I have to pay for insurance coverage?
- Due to the fact that it is an annual policy, mandatory for our tasks, the amount to be paid once for entry will be €25.
Is there any insurance I can take out to insure my goods against any damage during the move?
- Yes, we have Class A insurance available that covers any and all damages that may occur during the move. The cost to subscribe to said insurance is informed when sending the quote.

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How do I request a QUOTE?
The first task for your move is to make a list of the goods to be transported.
The choice of transporter is decisive for everything to go as smoothly as possible. Find out shipping costs by requesting a quick quote!
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How is the groupage service processed? -Groupage is a service that is provided for several customers on the same trip. In this way, it allows the amount charged for the service to be more affordable than in an exclusive direct service, but without compromising the quality of service provided.
I'm a little afraid that my belongings will go along with other loads.
- There is no need to be afraid, due to the fact that everything we transport deserves our utmost attention, as we do not want your goods to go to another customer by mistake, or vice versa. I emphasize that we only transport personal belongings, and this forces us to be even more careful.
In a group service, can I book dates?
- Appointment is only possible for collection if it is from Portugal, then we can collect on the preferred date. Delivery depends on when the truck arrives from its trip, loads and drives again. Since the collection is outside Portugal, we will have to have flexibility on the loading date.

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When I move, is it possible to go in the truck with my goods?
- We regret saying no, due to the fact that we only have two seats in the truck and there are two drivers who are on duty and do all the work.

How long does it take to send my move to Brazil?
- Transit time is between 25 and 40 days depending on the destination pier in Brazil.
What type of security do I have when handing over my goods to you for transport?
- The company Transportes Beleza, Lda. is registered in Portugal and guaranteed by an official International Removal Permit. When you choose a carrier, make sure that the one you choose deserves your trust, so that the same thing that the person who sent us this email complains about does not happen to you, after not having accepted our proposal and having chosen another company:
From: Nuno Pinto da Cruz nuno.pinto.da.cruz@xxxxxx
Date: January 29, 2016 at 3:55 pm
Subject: Photographs of stolen things. Help please!
Dear friends, here are some of the things that were STOLEN from us on January 23rd in Lisbon by a fake transport company.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you see any of these things at a flea market/OLX/custojusto etc, or if you know anything.
Please share this email, and don't hesitate if you know someone in the police who can help us.
Nuno and Chloe

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