International Removals United Kingdom: UK to Algarve - Lisbon

London, Paris, Brussels, Bern – To your new home, or if you move, we cross the Alps and English Channel for you.

If you have a removal to the outside of Europe you can count with Transportes Beleza Specialist’s to do the job.

We know that the reality in Europe it’s changing, and the borders become more easier to pass throw, more and more people see here an opportunity of move inside EU. The companies are increasingly move from their country of origon to one of the neighbouring countries, and to do that they need specialists of the transport industry, an excellent logistics partner who has a proper structure to move cargo and local specialists with experience on customs formalities.

Transportes Beleza offer’s you all that , from the private removals UK to Algarve or Lisbon until the relocation of companie, we implement all that removals with success all throw decades.

25 years' experience

International removals inside and outside EU

When you do removals UK to Algarve or Lisbon, requires good coordination and planning of times, and for that we have an annual calendar with all the predicted trips for that year.

Inside EU it’s easy to move, there are no customs formalities, therefore all the removal’s process it’s easier. When you move to countries outside EU, we deal with all the customs procedures of entrance for you (Switzerland, Norway, UK, etc ...) As rule, the international removal’s are associated to several administrative procedures, and tasks, who became the beginning of your new house quite complex: cancellation of documents, clarification of residence rights, certificates of work or recognize of public documents.

The families moves leaves a lot’s of questions without answers, here we are comfortably to take care of the essentials formalities for your removals.
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When you move to Benelux

Actually it’s a zone in CEE that we pass to every weeks, in fact move to Benelux without customs formalities is quite unconcerned with Transportes Beleza. In the last years the federal states have a special interest to the companies that are moving . Specialist’s use proximity with Germany to move between their new and hold houses. With our removal’s service to companies changes we offer you a quite and peaceful removals.

Removal’s between the mountains in Switzerland

Any removal for Switzerland should be well planned, with our list of documents and with a proper assist, it’s easier to deal with the customs, and you will need an accurate list of the goods in transport as well as visas , document from your work and a proof of your residence.

Contact us and we will have all the pleasure in sent you everything that you need to complete the procedure.

All About Big Ben & Co., even after Brexit your removal for United Kingdom

Even with Brexit Transportes Beleza still on our way to you in United Kingdom, A good preparation is as well as recommended as the follow : create other bank account, a solicitation of your VAT number , your contract and a proof of residence. Don’t worry, we will advise you on the best possible way.

Our removal to the neighbour France

French conecction near by Eiffel tower or to Bordeaux with Transportes Beleza

As a EU citizen, you don’t need to accomplish all the customs formalities when you move for France or any other EU country. For employees of multinational’s companies, when change country for professional reasons, we plane, organize and preform you full removal.

Do you need a removal service in Lisbon? Due to our location we can assist you in your removal in Lisbon. Complete removal’s service, nationals, internationals with a highly qualified team at your disposal to perform your removal.

We plan, prepare and perform removal’s services in Lisbon area with prices adjust to the reality of service with different kind of solutions.

We have a better quality for the right price, we are dedicated and very professional.

If you are looking for a highly qualified removal’s company, contact us

We are flexible and we easily adapt to your needs, at the same time we dispose of various possibilities for the performance of the removal, we have an all included service, we do all the procedures in your removal, disassemble, packing, load, transport, unload and re-assemble on your new address.

In case of need to do maintenance in your house, or if you don’t have your new home ready and don’t have a place to leave your furniture and personal goods, we have a temporary storage to keep your goods as long as you need at your disposal until everything get’s done.

Request for a quote through our website, it’s very easy and fast.

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